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WCMHOA Minutes December 30, 2016

December 2016 Financials   Wolfcreek Mstr Assoc financials Dec 2016


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December 29 Minutes (January 10, 2016 Review)

Financial Report by Accountant


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Financial Report by Accountant



The Master CCRs for the Wolf Creek Resort Master Association allow the charging of an annual assessment, based upon a budget which is discussed and voted upon at the Annual Meeting.

The Wolf Creek MHOA (2016) has a zero annual assessment, and there are currently no plans to charge one.

Transfer Fees

The current version of the Master CCRs includes a transfer fee for real estate transactions of units within the master CCR area. However, it is stated to be three times (3X) the current annual assessment which is zero (2016). Hence there is no transfer fee currently assessed.